Solar Powered Lighting

Many homeowners put forth a great deal of effort to create an environmentally friendly home. Not wasting electricity, recycling, conserving water and even making compost piles, are all simple strategies implemented to benefit the environment by homeowners. For some owners however, the push for having a “green” home extends far beyond these basic methods. It is through this lens that homeowners have taken a particular interest in solar power. Solar power is a way of producing clean, emissions free energy to power one’s home. The most popular way to implement solar power is through the use of photovoltaic solar panels, but this is not an option for everyone. For a high percentage of individuals, solar panels are far too expensive and prevent them from embracing solar power. Fortunately, there have been many other inventions in solar powered lighting that allow for the use of solar power without the high price tag accompanied with solar panels.

One of the easiest ways to use solar powered lighting is in outdoor lighting and a variety of products have been created to assist in this goal. In most cases outdoor solar lighting consists of a more economical use of photovoltaic technology in a light that collects sunlight during the day and stores it as energy in the light’s batteries. After being charged all day, these devices can provide illumination in the form of deck lighting, garden lighting, walkway lighting or any other desired use. Solar powered lights also add the advantage of not being confined to some of the limitations of conventional lighting. Without having to be connected to a power source by wires, outdoor solar lighting can be easily moved and rearranged. Outdoor solar lighting can be placed anywhere sunlight reaches and can help to cut homeowners energy costs by producing a seemingly endless amount of free outdoor lighting.

Affordable solar powered lighting is not limited the outdoors however; there are many solar products that provide homeowners with indoor sources of free, clean energy. Some of the most cost effective forms of solar powered limiting are simple solar powered lamps. These lamps are usually placed by a window or well light area during the day and are then store enough energy to light small areas at night. Heliostat lighting is also an option for solar powered lighting. Heliostat lighting involves the use of mirrors and movements coordinated with the sun to provide a room with efficient lighting. Other forms of natural solar lighting include Sunpipes, which harnesses sunlight through a reflective tube to create interior lighting and similar products. These are but a few options for solar lighting to explore before one even considers the use of photovoltaic solar panels. For those who can afford solar panels, they can be used to power the lighting directly for isolated indoor areas, such as disconnected garages or specific rooms, or they can be used to power the lighting for the entire home.

Many people believe that solar powered energy is the way of the future. While it is yet to be seen whether or not that statement is true, there is certainty in the availability and convenience of a variety of solar products. Whether it be solar powered outdoor lighting or solar powered indoor lamps, it is clear that solar power can be a source of clean, free lighting for households. While some solar powered lighting options are expensive, others are affordable and can be used without any installation or advanced knowledge. Embracing these products is a good investment for both environmental enthusiasts and those who simply wish to save a few dollars on their electric bill.

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